Extra Large Mobility Scooter

Large, high-quality and luxurious double scooter at a great value

Double and luxurious scooters – large, closed or open scooter at a great value. The Henchton is a large and double scooter with the highest level of mechanical, technological and accessory quality. This is a double scooter and those who travel long distances between claims and comfort and a driving experience at the highest level are important to them. Our large, couples scooters come with pampering accessories and the most advanced safety and comfort systems each other has. Suitable for those who are their main vehicles. Our 100!! Elite double scooter! Developed, designed and manufactured at the highest level of mechanical, technological and accessory quality. Out of the care of what matters to you! And to maximize the efficiency of the tool, enjoying it, and increasing your sense of ability and independent mobility A double scooter of Kibbutz Wasp, a true Israeli pride. Provides a perfect travel experience, full of confidence and maximum comfort, which you expect when you leave your home, for any occupation or visit you request. Excellent as a main transport tool for mobility, almost anywhere you want to go. Designed for those whose travel ranges are long distances and want to feel safe in its path. And the greatest – is a beneficial and joyful solution for those who have a need instead of two adults This way you can enjoy a shared ride with a friend or partner together, pop into a shopping supermarket or mall in the simplest and most pleasant way, accompany another person for whatever you need or need and even pick up your grandchildren, frames or friends, and continue with them for a fun ride. Or even just breathing fresh air with your pet. The Netaton is an oversized and powerful tool, including all the most advanced safety and comfort accessories available, which increase traffic security and the ability for high independence Between them – a wide double bench for two adults, a built-in hard roof, adjustable roof and seat, seat belt, strong horn, excellent lighting, signaling, distress lights and a large living room at the back put whatever you choose for your convenience A double scooter, the Hendon, like all such high-quality scooters, is a real Israeli pride! With over three decades of experience in dozens of countries around the world. Specially adapted to our country, excellent for use in all changing seasons. At the best quality and price. Responsibility
  • The Ntaptoons come with a hard roof, and you can also add a rain cover and thus upgrade to a closed double scooter at a great value
  • There are 2 models to choose from
  • Neptune 3 Wheels and Neptune 4 Wheels
  • Both are excellent and highly recommended. Our Neptune 3 is a highly maneuverable and simple tool, and the Neptune 4 provides even more stability for a great driving experience
  • Their speed is 12 km/h, by law, with a driving range of 25 miles. Which is an amazing supplier.
  • Full charging time with a fully empty battery is only 5-7 hours! We can go to sleep in peace and get up and drive in peace.
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