Indoor Mobility scooters by Tzora, safe and durable.

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What is an Indoor Mobility scooter and what makes Tzora Special?

Tzora has been designing medical and transportation aid for nearly three decades. We consider ourselves perfectionists and we aim to reflect that in all of our products. We understand our customers may have different need which is why we offer different products which can satisfied all those different needs.

We say that indoor mobility scooters are those whose wheels are small and light whose wheels don’t scratch or harm the floor

Indoor mobility scooters are also lightweight and foldable which allows you to easily bring them into the house and drive it inside.

Indoor mobility scooters can be disassembled to be stored in the attic or even a wardrobe. Tzora easy travel category of model has three models which we consider of this category. The Elite, The Classic and the Lite. These three models are special for many reasons for example they are extremely light making transportation of this scooters easy and efficient. These models are ideal to be used inside of supermarkets, malls or even inside of your home.

Their ergonomic design makes riding easy, comfortable, safe and stable wherever you wish to go. What Tzora offer you no other company in the market does. We develop, manufacture and design all of our models in house which is the reason we are so confident in their quality; hence, we give 3 years warranty in each and every one of our models

So don’t miss you chance get yours today gain your indepence in mobility and we will assure you that you will not regret having chosen Tzora!

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