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Large Mobility Scooter by Tzora. safety and comfort!

When we were developing our Titan models, we were going with the motto the bigger the better. With over 30 years of experience in medical aid and transportation aid we knew exactly what to do when developing the special all-terrain, powerful, durable, safe and top quality Titan models. Our two titan models the titan 3 and the titan 4 are our flagship products. They are large mobility scooters, strong and reliable tools that can take you anywhere no matter the terrain or the distance. With an autonomy of 19 miles and special wheels which can grip onto any terrain there is nowhere you can not go. Literally nowhere you can’t go since all of our models including the big titans are flight approved by every airline and every airport in the world! Moreover, the titans are foldable large mobility scooters which means they can be easily folded to store in the boot of the car or in the house. These models can also be disassembled for easier storage inside of an attic or a locker! This large mobility scooters come fully equipped with anything you could need when going out. They have strong frontal light, blinkers for safe turns, mirror, distress lights, honk, ergonomic steering wheel for comfort and extended pain free travel, 4-point docking chair with special suspension, arm rests on both sides and a big basket in the back for easy shopping. With presence in over dozens of countries around the world and thousands of satisfied customers we can assure you quality, safety and comfort. All our models are designed and developed in house which is why we are so confident in our models that all our products come with 3 years warranty!

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