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Our lightweight travel scooter is designed to be a compact mobility scooter for easy and quick storage anywhere including ofcourse the trunk of your car . The lite model is a folding power scooter, very portable while traveling and considered one of the best lightweight mobility scooters in the market. Indoor at the mall or outdoor with your beloved, the lite is an excellent foldable scooter for the elderly or one with disability needs.

Approved for flight, you will have an enhanced independence and mobility.

Designed with no connectors, latches or mechanisms to open when folding or unfolding.

Safe and stable 4 wheel travel mobility scooter, Ergonomically designed for comfort and functionality. Detach the battery pack and carry inside for recharging.

Quick and powerful, the compact mobility classic model is highly safe and stable, Folds easily and quickly perfect for everyday chords, Ergonomically designed for comfort and high functionality. Great for indoors and outdoors, flight approved.

Main characteristic: classic

  • Foldable and disassembled easily and quickly
  • Ergonomic easy to use design
  • Extra comfortable chair
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Chair is docked at 4 points for extra comfort
  • Specially compact and simple storage (including the trunk of your car)
  • Part of the Most light-weight mobility scooters in the market.
  • Very safe and stable
  • 4 wheel
  • Suitable to all terrain – indoor and outdoor
  • Detachable battery for comfort recharging and weight
  • Flight approved




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